YEMEN Press Agency

Violent confrontations erupt between Sanaa, coalition forces in Hodeida

HODEIDA, March 21 (YPA) – The city of Hays in western Yemen witnessed on Monday grinding battles between the forces of Sana’a and the coalition forces on the Western Coast.

Local sources in the city of Mokha said that overnight clashes took place last night between the forces of Sana’a on the one hand and the factions of the “guards of republic” led by Tariq Saleh, and the factions of “Amaliqa Brigades” supported by UAE on the other hand in the outskirts of the district of Hays south of Hodeida.

According to the sources, the confrontations between the parties witnessed the use of heavy weapons and drones, while the fighting resulted in the death and injury of a number of fighters on both sides.