YEMEN Press Agency

UAE-backed militia insult Saudi-backed commander

ABYAN, March 19 (YPA) -The UAE-backed Shabwa Defense Forces detained the commander of the Special Security Forces in Abyan, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Awban, and prevented him from passing through while he was heading to Seiyun city, Hadramout province, eastern Yemen.

Sources said that the Shabwa Defense Forces rejected an operational communiqué to facilitate the passage of Al-Awban’s convoy; he is one of the most prominent military leaders fighting against the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia in Abyan.

The sources added that the Shabwa Defense Forces insulted Brigadier General Al-AWban in an attempt to fabricate a problem, leading to a clash and giving them an excuse to liquidate him.

The sources pointed out that Al-Awban was on his way to Seiyun to travel to Saudi Arabia, which will entrust him with the task of forming the so-called “ Dera Al-Watan Forces”, in Abyan.

The joint forces affiliated with the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the province, issued a statement expressing their condemnation and rejection of what Brigadier General Al-Awaban was subjected to, and demanded an investigation into those practices that restore tension and violate previous agreements.