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Turkey begins testing trainer aircraft “Hürjet”

WORLD, March 19 (YPA) – The head of Turkish Defense Industries, Ismail Demir, announced the start of ground tests of the jet trainer aircraft “Hürjet ” developed with local expertise.

Demir posted on his Twitter account on Saturday, a video clip from the first test of the plane.

He commented: Yesterday we said Bismillah today, Mashallah! After the MMU, HÜRJET also took to the runway.  Our domestic and national jet aircraft has started to run, counting down the days to reach the sky. I congratulate everyone who contributed. This pride belongs to all of us.

In 2017, Turkish Aerospace Industries launched a training jet project called “Harajit”, with the aim of training future pilots.

The aircraft will replace the T-38, which the Turkish Air Force uses to train its pilots.

Some of the Hürjet aircraft are expected to be armed as light attack aircraft, used to provide air support in Turkey and nearby areas.