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Dozens arrested in demonstrations against France’s pension law

WORLD, March 18 (YPA) – French police arrested more than 60 people during a demonstration against the French government’s pension reforms, in the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

French media reported earlier that violent clashes broke out between protesters and police in protests against the government’s plans to raise the country’s retirement age.

Police used tear gas to disperse protesters, and 61 people were arrested in Paris after protests escalated and clashes with police erupted.

As protests against the passage of the new pension law continued, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne used a special procedure to pass the bill in the National Assembly without a vote on Thursday, sparking wide condemnation and demands for her to resign..

The move will ensure the bill is adopted after weeks of protests and heated debates.

The bill raises the retirement age by two years, to 64, and the French government has said the measure is necessary to protect the pension system from bankruptcy.