YEMEN Press Agency

Young Palestinian man killed by Israeli occupation gunfire near Ramallah

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, March 18 (YPA) – A Palestinian young man was killed by Israeli occupation soldiers late Friday night at the north entrance to the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian Ministry of Health reported.

According to the ministry, the young man, identified as Yazan Omar Khasib, 23, was reportedly shot by soldiers at the Israeli military checkpoint at the entrance to Ramallah.

He was arrested in critical condition by the occupation soldiers, only to be announced dead of his wounds a few minutes later.

Palestinian ambulance and medical staff were denied access by the Israeli army to the scene where the young man was first reported wounded.

Khasib’s body was held by the Israeli occupation military for nearly two hours, before the body was turned over to the Palestinian side.

The Israeli military shut down the checkpoint to the Palestinian traffic in the aftermath of the shooting.