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The Guardian: French president and his government are on the brink of collapse more than ever

WORLD, March 17 (YPA) – French President Emmanuel Macron and his government are on the brink of collapse more than ever after a controversial law on raising the retirement age was passed without a vote, sparking a backlash in parliament and on the streets of the country, The Guardian newspapers reported.

According to the paper, Macron used special powers to impose his plan to raise the retirement age, which was followed by chaotic scenes inside the corridors of parliament, amid chants condemning Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne for preventing her from speaking, as well as mass demonstrations in French streets against the law.

It explained that Macron made his decision at the last minute to avoid a parliamentary vote.

Minutes before MPs in the lower house were to vote, Macron was still holding a series of frantic meetings with senior political figures, and suddenly chose to use special powers instead of risking a vote, which he appeared poised to lose, the paper said.

The move was “highly provocative” by the government and angered lawmakers who could “retaliate” with a motion of no confidence in the government, immediately sending protesters to the streets of Paris and ensuring more strikes in the country in the coming days.