YEMEN Press Agency

Attack hits mass transport in Marib

SANAA,  March 11 (YPA) –  Land Transport Regulating Authority on Friday,  condemned the crimes of robbery and intermittent of mass transit buses in the areas, which are under the control of Saudi-led coalition forces in Marib Governorate.

The authority said in a statement obtained by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that  it received memorandum from Al-Rafeeq Travel and Mass Transport Company, complaining that a bus belonging to it that was on its way from Sanaa to Jeddah was subjected to heavy fire by gunmen at the borders of Marib governorate.

The statement said that the bus was carrying 49 passengers. Two passengers were injured the attack. It caused panic and fear among passengers.

The statement denounced the failure of pro-coalition government  to carry out their duty to protect travelers and secure roads.

The provinces under the control of the aggression and its mercenaries are living in a state of deliberate security lawlessness, the statement read.

It held the mercenaries  responsible  for the crimes of cutting, looting and killing of passengers and in the long lines.