YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen’s tribes condemn US activates in Mahra

MAHRA, March 07 (YPA) – Yemen’s sheikhs and tribes strongly condemned on Tuesday the US-Zionist activates in the Yemeni provinces and islands, the latest of which was the visit of the US ambassador and the commander of the Fifth Fleet to Mahra under the pretext of combating smuggling.

Tribal Cohesion Council, in a statement, called on all the sons and sheikhs of the Yemeni tribes, especially in the southern provinces, to strengthen the bonds of brothers and stand untied together, for mobilizing and confronting the invaders and occupiers’ plots.

The statement held the aggression coalition and its tools responsible for plundering the wealth, capabilities of the Yemeni people and the blatant attacks on the sovereignty, unity and independence of Yemen.

It affirmed that the Yemeni people, under their leadership and national army, has the legitimate right, to deter these violations and to target any foreign presence on its land.