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UAE escalates to limit Saudi activities in Socotra archipelago

SOCOTRA, March 06 (YPA) – The UAE has sent a team of intelligence to limit the new Saudi activities being made in Socotra archipelago.

Source familiar with the matter said that the UAE team, headed by an officer Hamad Al-Zaabi, called“Abu Rashid”, arrived in the city of Hadiboh during the past two days to redistribute the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia that brought from “Dhalea and Yafaa areas.

The sources confirmed that the “Abu Rashid”, summoned the so-called police chief, Ali al-Daksami, and the commander of the STC militia, Ali Omar Kafayen, and a number of leaders to brief them on plans to confront the new Saudi moves after establishing a military base in the Muri area near Socotra airport.

The sources indicated that the Emirati alert in Socotra came in the context of responding to the Saudi moves in the southern provinces, affirming that a UAE-funded commander of the so-called Coast Guard Battalion, Mohammed Ahmed Ali, was entrusted to limit the Saudi activity in the island.

The Emirati alert came also after the Saudi forces returned last week the former governor of Socotra, Ramzi Mahrous, affiliated with the Islah party, who has fled to Mahra province since the UAE forces took control of Hadiboh in collusion with the Saudi forces in June 2020.