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US denies of murdering judge of al-Qaeda in drone strike in Marib

MARIB, March. 02 (YPA) – The US Central Command (CENTCOM) denied carrying out any raid in Yemen last Sunday, referring to the targeting of a house east of the city of Marib, which resulted in the death of al-Qaeda’s chief judge and one of his companions.

New America quoted the US Central Command (CENTCOM) as saying that it had not carried out any strike in Yemen over the weekend.

On Sunday evening, a house in the Al Jalal in Wadi Obeida, the main stronghold of the leaders of the Islah Party and al-Qaeda in the city of Marib, was hit with an explosion that led to the death of the Saudi terrorist leader, Hamad Hamoud al-Othman al-Tamimi, head of the al-Qaeda Shura Council, along with one of his companions and the injury of a third one.