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Resigned Hadi Interior minister threats UAE-man Zubaidi in south to be overthrown

ADEN, June 30 (YPA) – Interior minister of Ben Dhaghr authorities in Aden Ahmed Al-Maisri said on Saturday that he will overthrow later the UAE-backed president of the southern transitional council Aidrous Zubaidi from the city later.

A military officail said to Yemen Press Agency in condition of anonymity that this came during a meeting held in Aden grouping several security commanders.

Earlier, the UAE -backed security belt forces handed over all the security headquarters in the city to Al-Maisri.

The happened after UAE directives to Zubaidi over this matter during his visit which coincided with a visit of resigned Hadi to Abu Dhabi.

The so-called security belt forces backed by the UAE occupied the city.

The invasion led by Zubaidi was happened after protests preceded by clashes against the Saudi-backed ben Daghr authorities.


Ahmed Al-Mutawakel