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Report: Army launches ballistic missile, attacks on coalition forces over 24 hours

SANAA, June 30 (YPA) – The Yemeni army forces fired a short-range ballistic missile and waged a series of military attacks on sites and gatherings of Saudi-led aggression coalition forces over the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.

  • In Yemen’s western coast:

A new short-range ballistic missile targeted gatherings of Saudi-backed militiamen.

Two infiltration attempts were repelled in Faza area, destroying two armored and three military vehicles by guided missiles, killing and wounding dozens.

Naval forces and coastal defense fail the landing operation by coalition warships, inflicting the enemy heavy losses.

A large-scale infiltration attempt was repelled in the farms of Faza, inflicting the militiamen heavy losses in lives and equipment, destroying two military vehicles and an armored and killed all who on board.


  • In border province of Jizan:

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of Saudi army in Ghawia site.

Katyusha rockets were fired at Makhail military camp.

Artillery force of the army shelled gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their militiamen in front of Dukhan mount.

Three militiamen were shot dead in front of M.B.C mount.


  • In Asir border province:

A Saudi-backed militiaman of Sudanese force was shot dead in Majaza.

A Saudi soldier was killed in Raboaa city.

Gatherings of Saudi soldiers were targeted by artillery shells in Ragabat-Masana and Ragabat-Airawan.

Katyusha rockets were fired toward gatherings of gatherings of militiamen in front of Alab border crossing.


  • In Najran border province:

Artillery shells targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their militiamen in Shurfa site, in the west of Sudais site, Qiada hill and Boqea desert.

  • In Medi district:

The enemy was inflicted heavy losses during their attack, backed by  18 air raids,  without achieving progress as well as the army destroyed  Abrams tank and five military vehicles, killing and wounding all the crews.

Engineering unit of the army destroyed three military vehicles of militiamen by explosive devices, killing and wounding all who were of boards.


  • In Lahj province:

The army controlled several strategic sites in Khamis junction of Qubaita district, killing and wounding dozens in militiamen ranks.

Dozens of the militiamen were killed and wounded when the army repelled their infiltration toward sites in Karsh front.

  • In Taiz province:

The army smashed a military vehicle of Saudi-backed militiamen in the north of Moazea junction.


Sameera Hassn