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Salafist leader exposes Saudi Arabia’s goals in establishing special forces

SANAA, Feb. 07 (YPA) – A Salafist leader revealed on Tuesday the Saudi goals behind the establishment of the so-called “National Shield Forces” in the city of Aden and its neighboring provinces.

Mohammed Taher Anam, a member of the “Supreme Committee of the Salafist Rashad Party, said that the formation of the so-called Shield of the Nation Brigades in Aden by a decision of Rashad Al-Alimi, a head of Saudi-formed presidential Council, would be an increase in the complexity of the Yemeni problem.

“Those brigades are made up of fanatical Salafis jihadists and will join under their name the so-called “Al-Amaliqa brigades”, similar to them, according to circulars issued by there,” he said on “Twitter.

Anam pointed out that “Saudi Arabia has increased new forces of different reference and loyalty to the “Shield of the Nation,” considering its establishment as a “studied intelligence complication of the Yemeni problem.”