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Civilian injured in 15 Saudi-led airstrikes on Saada

SAADA, June 30 (YPA) – A civilian was seriously injured and water digger was destroyed when the US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Friday launched 15 strikes on several areas of Saada province, a security official told Yemen News Agency on Saturday.

The civilian was injured in an airstrike targeted the water digger in Farwa area of Sehar district.

The warplanes resumed striking the water digger and Mahather area with four strikes as well as an airstrike was waged on the near of Mahather market of Sehar.

The warplanes also waged an air raids on Sarar area and an airstrike on Maran area of Haidan district.

Furthermore, the fighter jets launched five strikes on Qad and Azhur areas of Razih district and two strikes on Hasamah area of Dhaher district.

Meanwhile, several residential areas of Baqem district were shelled by missile and artillery.


Sameera Hassn