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Hadrami leader sends fiery message to STC’s leaders

HADRAMOUT, Feb. 05 (YPA) – A leader in Arbitration of Hadramout Tribes affiliated with Saudi Arabia sent a fiery message to the leaders of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council  (STC)’s militia.

The deputy of the so-called Secretary-General of Arbitration of Hadramout Tribes Aref Ali Jaber, affiliated with Islah, said: “Hadramout is capable to thwart intrigues and conspiracies that aims at mixing cards and pushing to aggravate the situation the province.”

Jaber added: “The history of Hadramout is too big to be desecrated by a group or groups, in reference to the militia “STC” through which the UAE seeks to control the directorates of the valley and the desert.”

He called on the people of Hadramout to reject the chaos projects from any party.