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Appalling cases of torture against citizens in Taiz recorded: Sources say

TAIZ, June 30 (YPA) – local sources in Taiz province revealed to Yemen Press Agency that appalling cases of torture against citizens in the military Police prison in the province.

One of the cases was “the citizen of Mohammad Ismail Ghaleb al-Dabbibi, who is working as a security guard of the Republican hospital in the city, he was kidnapped, arrested and tortured by different means among them beatings, electrocution, and acupuncture in the fingertips. ”

The sources drew attention to the fact that military police prisons, including several detention centers, in which heinous cases of torture against prisoners are recorded, including torture of the Governor of the children Government, called Moa’an al- Dahabli.

The city of Taiz is witnessing a state of security chaos and a series of assassinations targeting military, political, religious figures amid the absence of the authorities controlling the squares inside the city, which have exacerbated the security situation and the emergence of atrocities against the population.