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Did the coalition agree to Sanaa’s demands? What is Omani delegation’s viewpoint?

SANAA, Dec. 22 (YPA) – The great efforts have been by the Sultanate of Oman to renew the truce in Yemen for nearly two months, through intensive discussions conducted by the Omani delegation, which is currently visiting Sanaa.

In an analysis done by Yemen Press Agency, the visit of the latest of which was the meeting of the Omani delegation with the President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, on Thursday to discuss proposals and new visions that the delegation brings this time to the political leadership in Sanaa, which the result of discussions were with the Saudis and international parties, according to the head of the Sanaa negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam.

Although the results of these talks are unknown, but through Abdul Salam’s statements, in which he said: “The coalition is making promises that have no effect regarding the payment of salaries, the end of the siege, and the exit of foreign forces.” It is clear to us that the Omani delegation does not have clear solutions that could actually lead to the renewal of the truce.

Sanaa, which welcomed the visit of the Omani delegation and the Sultanate’s serious efforts that aim at achieving peace in Yemen, addressing the humanitarian file and the economic situation, and ending the war, reaffirmed to the Omani delegation its adherence to its demands represented in the payment of salaries of all employees in all parts of Yemen from Yemen’s oil and gas resources, the full opening of Yemen’s airports and ports, and the lifting of restrictions on fuel and food ships completely.

Observers stressed that if the Omani delegation could not resolve the complications of the truce this time, the situation would be very different, especially Sanaa confirmed that it would not accept the state of “no war and no peace” that the coalition wants to bring Yemen into while maintaining the siege, which means the return of military confrontations in any moment.

According to observers, the success of the Omani delegation in resolving the complexities of renewing the armistice would depend on the extent of the coalition’s response to Sanaa’s demands, which the Omani delegation may return to. Will the coalition respond this time and implement Sanaa’s demands? The answer will be revealed in the coming days.