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Al-Aukimi reveals 2 camps for carrying out liquidations in Marib

MARIB, Nov. 09 (YPA) – Abdullah Al-Aukimi, the most prominent leader of Islah Party factions in Jawf province and who is close to its ousted governor, revealed on Wednesday two camps loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, from which the elements charged with the liquidations in Marib province start.

Al-Aukimi indicated that what he described as cells from a camp subject to the coalition led by a commander of the Saudi forces in Marib, and another camp from the eastern border of Yemen, where forces led by the Islah-affiliated military leader, Hashim al-Ahmar, are stationed.

This came on the eve of the continuation of the controversy over who was behind the liquidations that affected the senior leaders of the party’s factions, the last of whom was Muhammad Al-Jaradi, advisor to the Minister of Defense.

Al-Aukimi’s statements indicate that the liquidations are part of a conflict between two leadership factions loyal to the coalition.