YEMEN Press Agency

Foreign Ministry holds coalition responsible for peace efforts impediment

SANAA, June 26 (YPA) – An official source at the Yemeni Foreign Ministry on Tuesday held Saudi-led coalition responsible for hampering of the international community efforts to bring peace in Yemen.

“The aggression seeks to put obstacles through the escalation and raising the pace of raids that kill civilians in order to create a Yemeni climate rejecting any peace talks,” the source said.

He added that it is clear that “the main goal of the aggression coalition is to kill the Yemeni people and destroy their economic capabilities and all the elements of life.”

The source strongly condemned the coalition’s atrocious crimes against Yemeni people, the last of which was the massacre of its warplanes in the northern city of Amran on Sunday, which left over 24 dead and wounded.

He reiterated the importance of dealing positively with the peace efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen to end the aggression, lift the siege and reach a sustainable political settlement.