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Tariq Saleh gunmen rape two minors in Mocha

TAIZ, Oct. 11 (YPA) – Tensions escalated on Tuesday between militants of “Tariq Afash” and the people of the coastal city of Mocha, southwestern Yemen, following a rape crime committed by the militants against two girls under the age of 12 years.

Local sources in Taiz province told the ‘Yemen Press Agency’,  that militants of in the Second Brigade of the so-called “Guardians of the Republic”, led by the Emirati man on the west coast, Tariq Saleh, raped two girls after abducting them while they were leaving school on the way back to their homes.

The sources confirmed that the two girls, who are only 12 years old, were severely beaten by the kidnappers before taking turns raping them.

According to the sources, the crime caused a shock and great discontent among the people.

This incident comes in light of the attempts of coalition militants to terrorize citizens and force them to remain silent about the cases of rape practiced against the women and children of the city, which is under the control of militias affiliated with the Saudi- UAE coalition forces on the western coast.

It is worth mentioning that rape cases have become a phenomenon in every area, which is under the coalition of the occupation forces .