YEMEN Press Agency

2 civilians injured in explosion of remnant of coalition weapons in Jawf

JAWF, Sept. 23 (YPA) – At least two citizens were injured on Thursday by an explosion of projectiles from the remnants of the Saudi-led coalition forces’ weapons in Khub Washa’af district of Jawf province.

A local source in the province reported that the citizen Mujahid Muhammad Naji Al-Farajah, 18, and the citizen Turki Naji Al-Faraja, 19, were injured by shrapnel, as a result of the explosion of a projectile left behind by the coalition in Al-Sha`af area in Khub Washa’af district.

The source pointed out that the war remnants of the coalition, including mines and shells, have killed and wounded many people from the districts and travelers during the last period.