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In pictures: Sanaa unveils several new weapons during military parade making September 21 Revolution anniversary

SANAA, Sept. 22 (YPA) – The National Salvation Government’s forces have conducted on Wednesday an unprecedented military parade of various land, sea and air military formations in the capital Sanaa.

a, marking the eight anniversary of the September 21 Revolution.

During the military parade, the Yemeni Armed Forces unveiled new air defence missiles systems such as the Hutam missile, Falaq missile, Haidar Missile, Red Sea Missile, Meraj Missile, Quds-3 Missile and others.

Moreover, the Yemeni Naval forces unveiled a new weapon entering service, the Asif boat.

The military parade also included several types of naval missiles, air and ground defenses, and a symbolic power show of drones, which were made entirely by Yemeni expertise.