YEMEN Press Agency

People of Mahrah calls protest rally, popular sit-ins starting against coalition forces

MAHRAH, June 24 (YPA) – People of al-Mahrah province announced that they will resume to organize a protest rally and popular sit-ins starting on Monday against various interventions carried out by the Saudi-led coalition forces.

The organizers stressed on the rally and in popular sit-ins would holed in al-Baladiah garden in the provincial capital of al-Ghaydah.

The organizers said that the rally is to preserve the Yemeni national sovereignty and stop the various interventions in the internal affairs of authorities by the coalition forces.

The protestors demanded to re-work in a natural situation at two crossing points of Shahn, Sorfit and a Nashton port, re-operation of the international airport of al-Ghaidah under the leadership of the local security forces and authorities.