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Video: UAE takes control over oil site in Shabwa

SHABWA, Aug. 21 (YPA) – A video published by activists on social media showing the UAE-funded al-Amaliqa forces controlled on Saturday on Aydha oil facility in Ataq city of Shabwa province.

Local sources familiar with the matter said that a military leader in the Saudi-backed Islah party, Saleh Musaad Dharman, threatened to burn the oil fields in Al-Uqla area, north of Ataq, after al-Amaliqa’s control.

The sources indicated that elements of the “Shabwa Defense” militia and the “Al-amaliqa Brigades” approached Al-Uqla Junction, which is controlled by Islah militants, led by Jahdal Hanash, indicating that al-Amaliqa military vehicles stationed in Qarn Al-Dbayeh area, near Al-Uqla.

Some sources affirmed that elements of al-Amaliqa headed to take control of the area of Khashm al-Rumaid, where the headquarters of the Austrian oil company (o m v) is located, al-Uqla sector, after entering Al-Alam and Ghazieh areas, without any confrontations with Islah.مليشيا-الامارات-تسيطر-على-حقل-العقلة-النفطي-في-شبوة.mp4?_=1