YEMEN Press Agency

31 coalition militiamen killed in Army’a sniping operations

SANAA, June 24 (YPA) – Sniper unit of the Yemen army shot dead 31 of Saudi-backed militiamen in several front lines over the past hours, a military official told Yemen Press Agency on Sunday.


The army sniped about 22 of the militiamen in Western coast, Taiz, Nehm and Serwah fronts, while 8 of Sudanese soldiers were killed in Asir and  a Saudi soldier was shot dead in Najran.


On Saturday, the sniper unit shot dead a number of military leaders of Saudi-backed militiamen in front of Alb border crossing including “the commanders of the first and second battalions in the Fifth Brigade Border Guard, and a number of their companions during repelling their infiltration attempts.






Sameera Hassn