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Protesters close Saudi embassy in Paris, burn bin Salman photos

WORLD, Jul. 29 (YPA) – Anti-war protesters have closed the Saudi Embassy in Paris and burned pictures of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as he visited the French capital.

The protesters stormed the Saudi embassy and closed it with red wax,  iron chains and then burned the Saudi flag in condemnation of its years-long war crimes in Yemen.

They also chanted slogans against him, asserting that he is not welcome person in France. He is a murderous criminal.

According to eyewitnesses, embassy security tried to attack the protesters, but passers-by prevented it.

The protesters distributed a written statement to passers-by on the sidelines of their events, affirming their rejection of Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to France. They described it as a stain on the country’s forehead with its black record of human rights and war crimes in Yemen.

Protesters also highlighted Mohammed bin Salman’s involvement in the 2018 torture and murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.