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4,452 Yemeni passengers leave Sanaa airport during UN armistice

SANAA, June. 23 (YPA) – About 4,452 Yemeni passengers have left Sanaa airport on civilian commercial flights from April 16 to June 22, 2022.

Deputy of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority, Raed Jabal, explained that the Yemeni Airlines Company transported from Sanaa Airport to Jordan’s Queen Alia Airport, almost 2,235 passengers, while the number of arrivals to Sanaa Airport reached 1,994 passengers coming from Queen Alia Airport, within the UN-brokered humanitarian and military armistice humanitarian truce.

He pointed out that the only commercial flight by Yemenia Airlines between Sanaa and Cairo airports was on June 01,2022, as 78 passengers left Sanaa airport, and 145 others arrived at Cairo on the same flight.

Jabal considered the statements of Mohammed bin Salman, during his visit to Egypt and his blessing to operate flights between Sanaa and Cairo, as a clear fallacy and misleading public opinion.