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Disagreements escalate between pro-coalition government, Bank of Aden

ADEN, Jun. 23 (YPA) – The disagreements have recently escalated between the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition and the central bank of Aden.

Southern media reported that the Ministry of Finance in the pro-coalition government directed to prevent the transfer of funds through Aden International Airport.

Director of Aden Airport stated in a statement on Thursday that he had received a communication from the finance department that included a directive to all intelligence agencies to prevent the exit of any sums of money without prior permission from the ministry.

The new decision came in the wake of the disclosure of documents smuggling more than half a billion dollars in foreign currency through Aden Airport.

Although the bank of Aden granted permission to transfer these funds under the pretext of covering the accounts of the Cooperative Credit Bank abroad, the assignment of the task of transferring the funds to a local and unknown exchange company sparked controversy over the causes of smuggling, especially in light of the arrangements for changes in the government.