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Kherson region: We plan to hold a referendum to join Russia next fall

WORLD, Jun. 21 (YPA) – Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Russian-backed Kherson Military-Civilian Administration said that a referendum on the region’s accession to Russia is planned for next fall.

“The referendum will be held this year,” Kirill Stremousov told Novosti. It is scheduled to take place next fall.”

He added that the date has not yet been set precisely.

“We are preparing for a referendum. Regulatory issues are resolved. After the referendum, we will become a full-fledged administrative unit within Russia. There is little time left before we enjoy citizenship rights in the great state of Russia. We are on the Crimean road,” Kirill Stremousov added.

In the region, in conjunction with the preparation of the referendum, work is being carried out to regulate economic and social well-being, factories and the banking system are operational, and salaries, pensions and social pensions have begun to be paid in rubles, he said.