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US Mercenary calls Ukraine’s army as ‘Madhouse’

WORLD, Jun. 21 (YPA) – An American mercenary, after participating in hostilities on the side of Ukraine, spoke about regular cases of friendly fire in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and called the state of affairs in the Ukrainian army “a madhouse”, the US journalist Seth Harp said in a tweet, referring to a correspondence with an American militant.

“People get injured and die in vain – it’s just a circus of freaks. We got involved in a two-hour battle – it turned out that with the Ukrainian Special Forces, it is incomprehensible,” the militant told the US journalist.

If it weren’t for <…> (name hidden – ed.), I would I didn’t participate in this stupid madhouse for anything,” the mercenary wrote to the journalist.

According to the militant, who visited many places of hostilities in Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine “will not wine if they are going to continue to fight in the same way.”