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Sanaa, OHCHR discuss aspects of cooperation in field of human rights

SANAA, Juen. 20 (YPA) – Acting Minister of Human Rights, Ali Al-Dailami, discussed with the representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Safir Al-Din Sayed, aspects of cooperation in the field of human rights.

In a meeting, Al-Dailami reviewed the humanitarian and human rights issues, especially those related to the violations of the US-backed Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition against the Yemeni people, including the issues of displaced people due to the coalition’s raids focusing on the whereabouts of citizens, forcing them to flee to safe places.

He touched on the issue of the kidnapping of journalists in the southern province by the coalition forces, including the kidnapping of journalist Naziha Al-Junaid and the cases of rape of children and girls, the latest of which was the rape of six girls in Hays, Hodeida province.

Al-Dailami stressed the need for the OHCHR to play its role in implementing the terms of the UN-brokered humanitarian truce in full without detracting from it, creating opportunities for dialogue and putting pressure on the coalition to stop violations and practices incompatible with the terms of the truce.

For his part, the OHCHR’s official confirmed that the organization working to monitor crimes and violations against Yemenis in all regions and submit reports thereon to the United Nations.
Sayed said that the Commission would try to establish a partnership system with the Ministry of Human Rights in Sanaa in order to obtain and document all news related to the humanitarian aspect in Yemen.