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Al-Quds Brigades begins military exercises in Gaza Strip

GAZA, Jun. 20 (YPA) – Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, lunched a large-scale military exercise in the Gaza Strip, “Azm al-Sadiqin”, at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, with the participation of several military formations  of the movement.

The spokesman for the al-Quds Brigades Abu Hamza, said the exercises were “a continuation of “ Preparedness and Readiness” , and in  preparation for any future battle.

“The exercises will be carried out over a period of days in the Gaza Strip and will simulate multiple field operations, with the participation of several military formations, most notably rocket and artillery units,” Abu Hamza explained .

“This blessed effort comes within the framework of raising the combat readiness of our mujahedeen, and to confirm that our long journey will continue until liberation and return,” Abu Hamza said.

The Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad movement, issued an important note to the citizens on the exercise.

It noted that the Gaza Sea shore would be a closed military area of operations, as a result of the exercise by the Al-Quds Brigades.