YEMEN Press Agency

Mine Center records 113 victims of cluster bomb since start of humanitarian truce

SANAA, Jun. 13 (YPA) – Head of the Executive Center for Mine Action in Sanaa, Brigadier General Ali Sofra, on Monday announced that 113 cases of cluster bomb victims have been monitored since the beginning of the humanitarian truce announced by the United Nations.

“We monitored 26 cases of mine victims only during the first ten days of this month,” Brigadier General Sofra said in a press statement.

The number of victims of cluster bombs and mines is increasing in conjunction with the return of citizens to their homes during the truce days, he added.

Sofra confirmed that 326 cases of victims of cluster bombs and mines have been recorded in Hodeida province since the beginning of this year.

He pointed out that the number of casualties from cluster bombs since the beginning of the war on Yemen has reached 3,956 dead and wounded, including 400 children and 115 women.

Sofra affirmed that the Saudi-led coalition has prevented the entry of mine detectors into Sanaa since 2018, and that the center’s field teams face multiple risks and obstacles as a result of this.