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IOM appeals for $7.5 million to help relocate 6,750 Ethiopian migrants from Yemen

SANAA, May 24 (YPA) – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) demanded for $7.5 million to help relocate at least 6,750 Ethiopian migrants from war-torn Yemen to their home country in the coming months.

In a report published by the British newspaper “The Independent” on Tuesday, the IOM has transported more than 600 migrants, including 60 unaccompanied children, to Ethiopia on three flights so far this year.

The report added that more flights were planned between the port city of Aden in southern Yemen and the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

It pointed out that last year witnessed about 27,700 migrants on the arduous journey from the Horn of Africa to Yemen.

“Migrants who pass through Yemen or are stranded in Yemen are among those most affected by the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country,” said Christa Rottensteiner, IOM Chief of Mission in Yemen.