YEMEN Press Agency

People of Mahrah reject suspicious calls by coalition, its tools

MHARAH, May 20 (YPA) – The Sit-in Committee of Mahrah warned of  new moves by the Saudi-led occupation forces aimed at spreading chaos and violence in the province by their tools.

The committee’s spokesman, Ali Bin Mahamed, called on all the  people of Mahrah to reject calls by the UAE-backed Southern  Transitional Council (STC) for events aimed at dragging the  people into conflicts, spreading hatred and provoking fighting among the province’s people.

Bin Mahamed said the STC’s calls are “Out-of-Tune” and the Mahri consensus, calling on the local authority, security and military agencies to shoulder their responsibilities in preventing chaos in Mahrah.

He stressed that the sit-in committee will not stand idly by and will not allow those whom he described as “militias” to tamper with the security of  Mahrah people.

Bin Mahamed called on all free people in the province to be vigilant and work to thwart all movements and tools of the occupation.

For his part, Said A’afary, head of the political department of the sit-in committee, considered the STC’s calls for an event to mark the anniversary of so-called “disengagement” is a call for chaos and fighting in Mahrah.

“The STC’s call was originally an invitation for the people of the peaceful Mahrah province to join the Scenario of Aden and its surroundings, which have been witnessing bombings and daily assassinations, fighting on land and areas, as well as liquidation of opponents,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He noted that the call is part of a conspiracy to hand over the people of Mahrah, who have refused to participate in conflicts and foreign presence, including the Saudi-led coalition forces.