YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia intends to dismiss military leaders loyal to Islah in Najran

NAJRAN, March 09 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia intend to dismiss commanders affiliated with Islah Party and “Hadi government” from the brigades of the Saudi-led coalition forces in the southern border of the Kingdom, Informed sources told Yemen Press Agency on Wednesday.

The sources said that the Saudi forces began dismissing prominent military leaders from the military brigades of the so-called “Sixth Military Region”, which were withdrawn from the Saudi fence between the Kingdom and the north of Jawf, to defend Saudi cities that are under attacks of Sanaa forces.

Major General Dhawi Al-Ghazwani, commander of the Najran Force of the Royal Land Forces, had excluded military leaders from the “First Brigade Border Guards” affiliated with the Islah Party, and appointed new commanders to replace them, according to the sources.

The sources added that the Saudi commander directed, weeks ago, to dismiss “Jamil Al-Ma’alim” the chief staff of the aforementioned brigade, against the background of the defeat of his forces on December 16, 2021 during the battles against Sanaa forces in the villages of “Kuhal” and “Afa” in Al-Yatama desert, in Jawf province.