YEMEN Press Agency

Mass rally in Saada holds America responsible for oil blockade on Yemen

SAADA, March 07 (YPA) – A mass rally took place in the city of Saada province, on Monday morning, under the slogan “Oil Blockade Is An American Decision And Yemen Hurricane Is Our Choice.”

The participants in the rally  raised Yemeni flags and slogans of freedom, condemning the US-backed Saudi-led blockade and aggression against Yemen and preventing the entry of oil derivatives.

During the rally, speeches and poems were delivered, condemning the silence of the United Nations towards coalition’s criminal practices against the People of Yemen.

A statement was issued during the rally, holding the US full responsible for the siege of the Yemeni people, stressing that the blockade of oil derivatives and preventing them for the Yemenis is an American aggression, and is a legitimate duty to confront it .

It stressed that the closure of the port of Hodeidah was a remarkable war crime, blaming the the international community and the United Nations for keeping silent  on the crime.

The participants voiced their support for all the military steps taken by the leadership in deterring aggression and breaking the siege on our patient people, stressing that our choice is to face the siege of aggression through mobilization to support fronts with men and money.