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Report: Yemen army achieves great victories over 24 hours


SANAA, June 16 (YPA) – The Yemen army has achieved great victories in the confrontations with Saudi soldiers and militiamen, which resulted in the deaths and injuries dozens in their ranks during the past 24 hours, according to reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.

  • In Yemen’s western coast:

Toshka ballistic missile was fired toward a large gatherings of Saudi-backed militiamen and invaders, killing 40 and wounding dozens, including leaders.

The ballistic was fired  after careful intelligence monitoring by reconnaissance aircraft.

Over 25 cars, loaded with dead and wounded militiamen,  arrived at the Makha hospital

Engineering unit bombed 2 of militiamen’s military vehicles, killing all its crew.

15 Saudi military vehicles were destroyed during the clashes.

20 military vehicles were damaged, inflicting the enemy heavy losses in dragging and ambushing processes in coastal line.

The coalition launched airstrikes  to save its militiamen in coastal line front.

The army besieged and cut off  the supply line of the enemy forces, forcing them to transport their dead and wounded through boats.

Five military vehicles were destroyed by explosive devices in Faza line, killing all their crews.

  • In Taiz province:

A militiamen’ s military vehicle was damaged in Aynain front of Habshi mount, killing its crew.

Militiamen’s vehicle was destroyed in Wazeaia junction, killing the crew.

The army controlled sites of Karnafat, Sarmain, Arish, Abar and lwazim after an offensive operation on 22 Mika brigade’ sites.

Militiamen’s vehicle was destroyed in front of Aynain area of Habshi mount.

The army controlled hills of Taha and Khaded, killing and wounding dozens in Abar front.

An offensive operation was waged on militiamen’s sites in the north of Wazeaia junction,  coinciding with the artillery support, killing and wounding dozens of militias.

  • In Najran border province:

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings and fortification of Saudi army in Shurfa, Qiada and Boqea desert, causing direct casualties.

  • In Jizan border province:

Three Saudi soldiers shot dead in Bajil site.

Artillery shells were shelled toward Saudi soldiers in Samnah hill of Qais mount.

  • In Asir Saudi border province:

Three Sudanese soldiers shot dead in Majaza site.

The army controlled sites in the west of Majaza, killing and wounding dozens of militiamen.

Zilzal-2 missile, katyusha rockets and artillery shells were fired toward militiamen’s gatherings in front of Alab border crossing.

Three militiamen were shot dead in Alb crossing.

Two militiamen’ military vehicles were destroyed by explosive devices in Markazi hill of Tewal border crossing, killing all their crews.

  • In Yemen’s Jawf province:

The army controlled sites in Qahira area of Ajasher front.

Dozens of militiamen were killed and wounded when they tried to retake sites in Moton front.

The army carried out an attack on militiamen’s sites in Shawaq village and Nawbat-Saber, killing and wounding dozens.

An offensive operation was waged on militiamen’s sites in Waqz and Sedah areas of Maslub district, coinciding with artillery shelling on militiamen’s sites, killing and wounding dozens.

The army controlled sites in Dhuhra of Khub-washaaf district after an unique operation, killing and wounding dozens.

  • In Lahj province:

The army waged an offensive operation on militiamen’s sites in Hawmara.

The army controlled Ahmar mount and Sawda hill, killing and wounding dozens and seizing military equipment.

  • In Nehm district:

The army repelled a militiamen’s infiltration attempt in Madfon, killing and wounding dozens, without achieving any progress.

  • In Dhalea province:

The army carried out a large-scale offensive on militiamen’s sites in Khashaba, burning a military vehicle and killing all its crews.

Artillery shells targeted Halm camp, destroying a military vehicles, killing and wounding dozens.



Sameera Hassn