YEMEN Press Agency

“Red Sea Ports” hold UN responsible for any targeting of Yemeni ports

HODEIDA, Feb. 08 (YPA) – Yemen’s Red Sea Ports Corporation held on Tuesday the full responsible for any targeting of Yemeni ports by the Saudi-led coalition.

The Corporation denied in a statement the allegations, which were reported by the coalition channels, using the port of Hodeida as a launching point for military actions.

The statement stressed “that the ports of Hodeida and Saleef, which are visited by the UN delegation, working to relieve the besieged Yemeni people by land, air and sea, who have been living in difficult conditions that the coalition imposed for seven years.”

It also confirmed the ports’ commitment to all the requirements of international maritime codes, and the procedures in force in international ports, and that they are devoid of any armed manifestations, military barracks, or weapons stores.

The statement considered the coalition’s allegations a violation of international humanitarian law and recognized international covenants, including the four Geneva Conventions, which criminalize targeting vital facilities, including as ports and economic facilities.

It renewed its call to the international community, the United Nations and its organizations to assume their responsibilities to alleviate the human suffering experienced by the Yemeni people for seven years, which has escalated during the recent period.