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Qatar arrests Yemeni activist 10 minutes after TV interposition

DOHA, Feb. 07 (YPA) – The Qatari authorities have arrested the Yemeni political and human rights activist, Saleh Al-Jarmozi, after his interposition on Al-Mayadeen TV, in which he condemned the Saudi-led coalition’s aggression against Yemen.

Yemeni political activists revealed that the Qatari authorities arrested Al-Jarmozi 10 minutes after an interview on the Al-Mayadeen TV channel on January 22nd.

Commenting on the first “Yemen Cyclone” operation against the UAE, Al-Jarmozi said that “the Yemeni drones did not target the UAE markets and towers, which if the drones were directed to them, the international companies would have left and the UAE economy would collapse.”

He pointed out that “Yemeni values do not allow this, and as the leaders in the Sanaa government declare they cannot target civilians as these criminals do.”

Al-Jarmozi denounced the position of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Egypt that condemned the Yemeni strike in which three people were killed in the UAE, but it keeps silent on all the UAE crimes in Yemen, which have claimed lives of thousands of civilians over eight years.

He indicated that the United Nations and the foreign ministers of Arab countries condemn an attack in which 3 people are killed, “but we do not hear a sound or a whisper after killing children and women in homes, bombing hospitals, destroying schools on students, and killing students on school buses in Yemen.”

Social media websites witnessed a wide campaign of solidarity with Al-Jarmozi, after the news of his arrest, denouncing the Qatari authorities, and holding them fully responsible for everything he is exposed to.