YEMEN Press Agency

Russia: Washington spreads lies about Ukraine instead of supporting Minsk agreements

SANAA, Jan. 26 (YPA) – The Russian mission to the United Nations said the United States is spreading lies on the subject of Ukraine , instead of supporting the Minsk agreements on resolving the crisis in southeastern Ukraine (The Donbas) region.

“The United States prefers to spread lies about Ukraine rather than express its support for Security Council Resolution 2202, which approved the Minsk package as an international legal basis for resolving the crisis, and imposed on Kiev a number of obligations that it has been evading for seven years,” the mission said in a statement.

“Instead of dialogue and the search for common ground, the United States is taking a destructive line by expressing biased positions that have nothing to do with reality, and as a living example of the destructive line of the US, the hysteria surrounding Ukraine, promoted by Washington, rather than dialogue and the search for common ground,” the mission said.