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Head of Sanaa Negotiating Delegation: Victims of coalition’s error margin are civilians

SANAA, Jan. 11 (YPA) – Head of the national negotiating delegation of Sanaa, Mohammed Abdulsalam, on Tuesday mocked the Saudi-led coalition spokesman, Turki Al-Maliki, who described his shameful scandal by fabricating video clips from films as “a margin of error.”

“It is laughable and pathetic at the same time, when the spokesman of the aggression admitted to his resounding scandal by fabricating clips of missile sites that do not exist except in films, and naming it a margin of error,” Abdulsalam said in a tweet, in reference to the video published during a press conference held by Al-Maliki on what he claimed was a workshop for the manufacture of ballistic missiles and drones in the port of Hodeida.

Abdulsalam added wondering “What a margin of error is that !? and its victims are civilians and is repeated every time as a natural result of brutal aggression that is the biggest mistake and the biggest sin committed with American support against our dear people.”