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UAE-backed forces arrest 350 members of “Hadi and Islah” forces in Shabwa

SHABWA, Jan. 09 (YPA) – Violent clashes broke out between “special security forces affiliated with Islah party, Yemen branch of the Muslim Brotherhood,  and members of the Emirati-funded Al-Amaliqa militia in Shabwa province.

According to local sources, the clashes erupted after a military post of the “Special Forces”, intercept a military mechanism belonging to the “Al-Amaliqa” near the Balhaf gas facility in the coastal directorate of Radhum, leaving dead and wounded.

Meanwhile, the UAE -funded “Shabwani Elite” militia launched a campaign of arrests against hundreds of “special forces” loyal to Shabwa’s former governor, Mohammed Saleh bin Adio.

Local sources said that, Ali al-Jubwani, the head of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)  directed  “Shabwani Elite” to cleanse the city of Ataq from elements loyal to the former governor Mohammed Saleh bin Adio,and put them in secret prisons that were created in the city

Moreover, security sources in Hadi government said that the UAE-backed forces have arrested hundreds of Islah militants in the  province.

The sources confirmed that Al-Amaliqa forces arrested more than 350 militants loyal to Hadi and Islah party, most of them are members of the special security forces, affiliated with the Islah party and led by Abed Rabbo lakaab.

Shabwa security chief, Awad al-Dahbul, the main opponent of the Special Security Forces, said in a press statement that his forces had arrested dozens of people he described as “sleeper cell agents”.

The targeting of private security comes as the Saudi-led coalition seeks to complete the eradication of Islah party from the rich-oil province.