YEMEN Press Agency

“Hadrami Uprising” announces formation of military force to protect Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, Jan. 08 (YPA) – Head of the Popular Escalation Committee in “Hadrami Uprising”, Sheikh Hassan Al-Jabri, officially announced on Saturday the start of the formation of camps to protect Hadramout valley.

Sheikh Al-Jabri said “the first military region (loyal to Saudi-led coalition) is leaving, and the valley will not be handed over to terrorism or any other party, and the people of Hadramout have the ability to protect their land.”

Thousands of Hadramout residents gathered in Al-Rudoud camp in Hadramout Valley today, in response to the call of the head of the sub-committee to implement the outcomes of the “Harro meeting”, Sheikh Hassan bin Saeed Al-Jabri.