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Military experts: Yemeni army engaging in “bone-breaking battles” in western coast

SANAA, June 13 (YPA) – Since the beginning of the western coast battle, the army and popular committees have engaged in fierce fighting to liberate the Yemeni territory from the Arab coalition forces that declared war on Yemen three years ago.

The army media was able to document many of those violent battles that put observers and interested in the real picture from the field.

Over the years of war, the coalition forces and their militias have suffered painful blows in more than one front at hands of the army and popular committees’ fighters, who inflicted heavy losses on them in lives and equipment.

Military and political experts described the western coast battles in Hodeidah province as “bone-breaking battles.”

The experts indicated that the coalition states’ various military forces, including the navy and air force, are participating in those battles.

The coalition depends fully on those weapons, while the Yemeni fighters rely on the strategy of carrying out ambushes and traps to repel frequent infiltration attempts of the coalition forces, inflicting heavy losses on them, the experts added.

The experts confirmed that the western coast battles have resulted in hundreds of dead and wounded in the ranks of the coalition forces, considering at the same time that the Yemeni army and popular committees victors on the ground.

They accused the coalition countries’ media of stealing photos published by Al-Maseera and Al-Sahat TV channels in some areas of Hodeidah, which uncovers lies and lack of credibility of those media.