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Women’s Committee condemns non-extension of term of experts group on Yemen

SANAA, Oct. 13 (YPA) – The National Committee for Women on Wednesday condemned the decision of the Human Rights Council not to extend the mandate of the United Nations Group of International and Regional Experts on Yemen.

In a statement it issued today, the committee denounced procrastinating and the failure to form an independent and impartial international committee to investigate the crimes of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemeni people.

The committee held the United Nations fully responsible for the failure to hold accountable the perpetrators of those massacres and crimes against the Yemeni people and bring them to trial.

In its statement, the committee called on the Human Rights Council to form an independent international commission to investigate all the crimes committed and still committed by the coalition, which claimed the lives of thousands of women and children amid a shameful silence of the United Nations.