YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa forces complete control of Al-Jouba district south Marib

MARIB, Oct. 12 (YPA) – The Salvation government forces (Sanaa forces) have completed the clearing of Al-Jouba district, south of Marib province, tribal sources said on Tuesday.

The Sanaa forces launched a military attack on “Al-Kula” area, in which they imposed a suffocating siege on recruits of Bihan axis loyal to the Saudi-led coalition since August 17.

After fierce battles, which left dozens of dead and wounded on both sides, Sanaa forces managed to take control of the security directorate building, the September 26 Hospital, and the home of Mufareh Buhaibah, commander of the Bihan axis in “Al-Jadida” area, and clear the remaining areas of “Wasit”, “Al-Qaher” village, and Wadi Al-Rawda”.

Clearing the entire district of Al-Jouba made Sanaa forces control and cut off the coalition forces’ supply routes between the city of Marib and the oil fields in Safer area, and advance towards “Abidah” valley, the sources explained.

In turn, the coalition is striving to stop the advance of Sanaa forces towards the city by intensifying air raids towards the positions that the latter seized in Al-Jouba, where it launched more than 83 raids on the district.