YEMEN Press Agency

Southern leader says ISALH militias take control over Bayhan district in Shabwa

SHABWA, June 10 (YPA)- A leader belonging to what so-called southern resistance accused the exiled resigned Riyadh-based President  Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi of enabling  ISALH Party ( Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen) to take control over Bayhan district in Shabwa province.

“The people of Shawah province were excluded from all rights and employment in the civil and military service by the outgoing Hadi,” Mohammed al-Mansouri said.

He indicated that the leadership of third military region is controlled by ISLAH party militias who excluded the citizens of Shabwa in order to employ its hardliner elements.

Al-Mansouri said that IsLAh militias in Bayhan district are exercising arbitrary arrests against the citizens for raising Yemen’s Southern Flag.

This came amid the silence of Southern Transition Council (STC) and Shabwani elite forces backed by United Arab of Emirates occupation forces, which try to avoid clashes with ISLAH militias in the district.