YEMEN Press Agency

Security crackdown against lawless groups carried out in Taiz

TAIZ, June 10 (YPA) – A joint security committee, which was formed on directives of Saudi-led coalition leadership, on Saturday raided a number of houses and places of lawless elements in east of Taiz city.

The security crackdown targeted the so-called dens of lawless groups in Al-Jamhouri neighborhood, eastern the city of Taiz, military sources told Yemen Press Agency.

Fierce clashes broke out in the neighborhood between members of the security campaign and a number of wanted elements and lasted for three hours.

“The lawless armed groups surrounded the security forces for two hours in the neighborhood,” the sources said.

The siege was not lifted only after the campaign was reinforced by troops of the 170th Brigade of Air Defense led by Khattab al-Yasiri loyal to the exiled resigned president Hadi, the sources added.

Over six wanted elements, including a motorcyclist responsible for executing assassinations, were arrested in the campaign, according to reports.

The Al-Jamhouri neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods, eastern the city of Taiz, are used as hideouts by extremist factions and al Qaeda organization.