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OCHA: People in Socotra are at risk of hunger

SANAA, June 9 (YPA) – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Yemen said on Friday that the people of Socotra Island are at risk of hunger as a result of the cyclone that hit the Island late May.

A report issued by the office mentioned that there are urgent need to cover the gap in food stocks that has arisen as a result of the Mekunu hurricane.

The report noted that seven ships carrying foods stocks sunk with their load due to the hurricane.

It added that the access to the island across the sea would not be possible within a few weeks because of the strong wind, and will be accessible only through the airport.

“There is no stock of wheat flour and sugar on the island currently,” the report said. “There are only small amounts of rice.”

The report indicated that 90% of the population in the assessed areas lost their food stocks.

The tropical cyclone Mekunu hit Socotra Island and Mahara province late in last month, causing heavy damage to roads, homes and infrastructure.